About us

Hello! We are Tjalle and Jasper, two friends who started their own designlabel back in 2012, which we named Van Tjalle En Jasper. Easy does it!
In our designs you often will find some cleverness. In the trend of Dutch Design you will also find functional design, cool shapes and some humor.


We grew up in the lovely village called “Bavel” and became friends at a very young age, sharing a lot of passions. The one we like best was making thing with our hands, so we both decided to become an Industrial designer. Later we developed our skills in shaping and specialized in making furniture.

At first we went our own separate ways, but after a design competition we noticed that we are better when working together. Thus far we made tables, lamps, bookshelves and candle holders. Oh, and we have a necklace. Because hey, why not!?

Do it our way

Our inspiration is coming from our own ideas, not the magazines that dictate the latest trends. Tjalle has his imagination running wild often, with new ideas every single hour. Jasper catches the best ones and starts realizing them into real designs, looking for the best material and angles. Working like this results in products that are true to ourselves and gives us real joy in making them!

Honest prices

We take pride in making real Dutch Design products, made in a way that they are affordable for a lot of people. Our laser cut lamps are a good example. Cool stuff, honest prices. That’s how we do it.