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I broke it!

Can I order a repacement part
Yes, you can! Go here to find out more:


Do you ship to my country?
We ship to all countries within the European Union (EU). You live somewhere else? Well, cool that you found us! Send us a message and we’ll find out what we can do for you. Shipping-wise.

How much will my shipping cost?

Look it up in this table!

When can I expect my package to be delivered?
Your order will be shipped to the delivery address or local post office via DHL Global Mail. Please allow 3-8 business days for your order to arrive.

You can track your order within 24-48 hours after it has been processed at the local DHL facility. They will send you a track & trace code, which enables you to follow the status of your package. Please note that DHL Global Mail is available for small parcels only.

mini-spot van tjalle en jasper

Questions about our lamps

Q: Hi! Are all components included that i see on the pictures?
A: Nope, it comes without the light bulb. We recommend a LED-lamp or a light bulb with 40 Watt.

Q: What fitting does your lamp have?
A: The Mini-Spot has an E14 fitting. All the other have an E27 fitting.

Q: Oops! I broke an element of the lamp. Can I buy a single part?
A: Yes, contact us through email and we will figure it out together. Please use this email address: or the contact form

Q: Hello, is the cord of the Mini-Lamp long enough that I can make a pendant over the desk instead of laying it down?
A: Yup. The cord is 1,5 meter long (+-5 feet) However, is does have a switch located about 0.5 meters from the lamp holder.

Hi, are the mount parts for the ceiling included?
A: Yes, the lamp ships complete with cable and ceiling cover.


Questions about our Beatshelf

Q: The shop says it’s sold out. Can I still order them?
A: Send us an e-mail for more info!

Can’t find your question? Send us an e-mail.